Make logging weightlifting workouts easy

Keeping track of your of your weightlifting workouts is crucial for ensuring that you're always lifting the right amount of weight needed to get stronger, but using one app for a rest timer and another app to log your sets is cumbersome.

POLift has all of the tools you need in a single app to assist you in performing and tracking your weightlifting workouts. POLift stands for Progressive Overload Lifting. It's designed with progressive overload in mind.

Instead of being just a workout logger, it does plate math, starts a rest timer when you submit your results after a set, and automatically increases the weight when you reach a specified goal.

POLift is completely free and there is no account registration necessary. You can get started right away by downloading the app and selecting one of the built-in weightlifting programs such as 5x5.

What makes this better than using a note-taking app?

Plate math

Which plates to use for an exercise will be displayed on your screen whenever you need it.

Rest timer

Using the rest timer does not require any extra effort. The rest timer automatically starts when you submit your result for the previous exercise.

Get started right away for free

POLift is free to try, and no account registration is necessary. You can create your own routines or choose a premade weightlifting program to get you started even sooner.

Progress graphs

You can track your progress over time using estimated-1-rep-max graphs.

Warmup routine

A good warmup improves performance and reduces the risk of injury. POLift has a built-in warmup that is based on the first exercise in your routine.

Progressive overload is built in

You no longer have to remember what weight to use. Your previously-used weight is remembered by the app, and the weight is increased automatically once you reach your goal for the previous weight.

If you want an app that does the thinking so you can focus on the lifting, check POLift out today!